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The Balanced Life

Oct 9, 2019

This week’s interview is with highly anticipated and requested guest, Matt Long. Matt Long is husband and other half to Robin’s balanced life. In this episode, Matt and Robin share how they balance health, marriage, and kids during this season of life. 

They discuss roles they’ve had to take on, along with how they make gradual changes in order to support their family’s needs. Join this dynamic duo in this authentic conversation about how to lean into current seasons, along with how to make conscious choices to support and encourage your partner through the good, bad and the ugly. 


Show Highlights: 

  • What Robin’s life looked like before Matt and how he’s impacted her self-perception 
  • Where Matt was in life when he met Robin and how running became a bonding experience  
  • Navigating lifestyle differences and taking initiative to live a healthier lifestyle 
  • Integrating nourishing recipes that are still flavorful into your diet 
  • Managing individual dietary and allergy restrictions as a family 
  • How to work through lifestyle shifts with your partner harmoniously 
  • Matt’s relationship with Pilates and the role exercise plays in his life 
  • How Matt and Robin integrate exercise into their busy schedule 
  • What to do when your partner isn’t being supportive in health changes 
  • Things Matt doesn’t do in this current season of life 
  • What Robin and Matt say no to as a family 
  • Managing postpartum season and the importance of having support 
  • Avoiding self-pity in order to be as supportive and encouraging as possible 
  • Making a mindset shift to show up with more energy for your family 




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